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The Drainage | September 22, 2014

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Guts and Grooves: Gang Cult’s ‘Neck Tat’ EP

September 19, 2014 |

Just say “Gang Cult” out loud and you’ll get the band’s appeal. Like those two words, their sound is steak knife-sharp and back-of-the-throat sludgy at once. Howling keys, car chase-esque basslines, and werewolfy vocals make them equally threatening and curiosity-piquing. … Read More

Live at Bumbershoot 2014: Poliça

September 11, 2014 |

There was some tough competition, but Poliça was my favorite act of the first day of Bumbershoot 2014. And I’m not just saying that because they’re from my home state of Minnesota. Channy Leaneagh is a spring of crystally vocals, … Read More

Karen O’s Crush Songs is A Quiet Rush

September 11, 2014 |

Karen O’s solo debut album Crush Songs first appears as underwhelming and slightly disappointing. At least, that’s how I felt yesterday upon first listening to it. All of my anticipation for the album sunk once I started listening to the … Read More

DSotK Presents Button Knights

September 10, 2014 |

Dark Side of the Kingdom timidly presents… Button Knights. A new spin off web cam show looking to to release on a weekly basis. Considering the release schedule of our flagship podcast, we’ll see how that goes. Hey, we currently … Read More

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz “Where No Eagles Fly” Video Plummets into Faux Punk

September 10, 2014 |

OK. I don’t care what you think about The Strokes. I really don’t. I know how I feel about them. I know how they make me feel. We probably won’t agree on their songs, but we can all acknowledge how … Read More

Michael Leonard Witham’s “Scandal In The Violets” Brims With Country Blues

September 9, 2014 |

I doubt there’s a more folk-rock way to start a music career than in a dumpster. In the summer of 2010, Michael Leonard Witham was rummaging through one in Louisiana when he found an acoustic Yamaha guitar. Plenty of repair … Read More

Leonino’s “Naked Tunes” Soothe Body and Soul

September 9, 2014 |

Jorge González, acclaimed vocalist of Los Prisioneros, is set to grace the world with a solo project sure to melt hearts like sugar cubes in hot tea. Splitting his time between Berlin and Santiago, Chile, he is re-emerging under the … Read More

St. John’s Nofest: Consumer, Noise Agency, Stochastic Mettle Union, Geist And The Sacred Ensemble; 9.6.14

September 9, 2014 |

At times, it seems like Portland runs the risk of becoming a stereotype or a parody of itself. It’s not that we don’t have style beyond the beardee newage flannel paisley soft grunge pastel goth, and it’s not like we … Read More

Red Bull Sound Selects: TxE, Illmaculate, and Big Freedia

September 8, 2014 |

Some may say hip-hop and rap music has become a strange tool. As an urban creation meant to liberate everyday people from oppressive and commercial culture it has fought with arguably having its roots appropriated to glorify what it once was trying to escape and yet catalogue at the same time. Government has made the music genres connections to gang life and poverty something to fear while moguls of concrete jungle beginnings have risen with fame and Rolexes to personify the high life. Read More

Dark Side of the Kingdom – Episode 27: P.P. Playable Podcast “I SAID turn around!”

September 5, 2014 |

The Dark Side crew adventure into the twisted and demented minds of Hideo Kojima and not Benicio Del Toro. Ian and Percy band together for a Rogue Legacy and Dean won’t shut up about basketball.

This week in News… … Read More

Live at Bumbershoot 2014: Shelby Earl

September 5, 2014 |

I’m gonna be honest: “If It Isn’t You” by Shelby Earl gets me every time. The second it started up at Bumbershoot this year, I had chills and that sick kind of longing in your stomach where you want to … Read More

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Unnatural Helpers, Constant Lovers, & The Spits at Chop Suey

September 5, 2014 |

Holy Christ, did you hear? Everyone inside Chop Suey on Wednesday night was nearly killed. The Red Bull Sound Select monsters put together yet another insanely rad lineup. Unnatural Helpers stabbed us all awake. Constant Lovers drowned us in a sweat … Read More