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The Drainage | July 2, 2015

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Capitol Hill Block Party Announces Full 2015 Lineup

June 3, 2015 |

Just updated!. Northwest indie rocker Father John Misty is performing in support of his highly-acclaimed album, “I Love You, Honeybear,” released in February on Seattle’s Sub Pop Records. Folk-pop group Ivan & Alyosha, Philadelphia-based punk rock group Girlpool, Los Angeles … Read More

A Stripped Down Grid: Check Out Sequential Music – An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds

May 29, 2015 | 1

Sequential Music – An Alternative Approach For Experimental Minds is a stripped down, efficient, cerebral technoid affair; the first album to be made using The Sequential Music Method.

Since the advent of cheap, readily available digital recording technology, electronic … Read More

Ryan Dunlap – It Is What It Is album review

May 19, 2015 |

It is what it is, from Perrysville, Ohio’s Ryan Dunlap is an uneven and slightly frustrating album, but it’s not without it’s charms.

Acoustic singer/songwriters face a daunting challenge – to convey a feeling of intimacy and authenticity, while … Read More

Happy May! AKA Ehlers Danlos Awareness Month!

May 15, 2015 |

What? You never heard of Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS)? Don’t feel bad, only 1 in 250,000 people have vascular EDS. What is EDS? Good question. EDS is a genetic defect in the connective tissue. These connective tissues support the skin, … Read More

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Summer Cannibals, Killer Ghost, & Deerhoof

May 10, 2015 |

Red Bull Sound Select’s odyssey of delivering delectable concert bills was especially victorious this month. On May 6th, Portland’s Summer Cannibals, Seattle’s Killer Ghost, and the universe’s gift to us, Deerhoof, all stormed The Crocodile. It was an all-five-senses massage … Read More

Listen To Vally & Rocket’s The Pretape! (nsfw)

May 7, 2015 | 1

Detroit DJ, in an interview with British grime producer/music journalist Joe Muggs, for The Arts Desk, talked about growing up in Detroit in the ’70s and ’80s, comparing it to some early ’90s hip-hop movie:

I remember one of … Read More

Luna Rise – Smoking Kills But Love Can Break A Heart

May 5, 2015 |

Austria’s Luna Rise return, with a re-release of Smoking Kills But Love Can Break A Heart, a dark melodic trip through a post-breakup landscape?

Have you ever been through a bad breakup? Most likely yes. Anyone past the age of … Read More

Cabana Video “What Do I Think Of Now”

May 5, 2015 |

Seattle-based band Cabana has released the official music video for their latest single, “What Do I Think Of Now,” and it’s as tinged with mysticism as the song itself. As transcendence takes place in a building nondescript from the outside, … Read More

Rise Of The Mutants – Lightning Bolt, Liturgy, Consumer; Dante’s, Portland, Or. 4/29/15 concert review

May 4, 2015 |

Modern life, in certain respects, is a lot like H. G. WellsThe Time Machine – the Eloi get to lead a happy, beautiful existence, eating flowers and guzzling ambrosia mimosas, while the Morlocks – the riff-raff – scrape by … Read More

Spotify Bumbershoot Playlist 2015

April 29, 2015 |

We took the time to put together a Spotify Playlist featuring the lineup for this years Bumbershoot Festival. 77 songs, 5 hours, 10 minutes.

Read More

Bumbershoot 2015 Lineup

April 29, 2015 |

Bumbershoot has just released their lineup for 2015. Happening during Labor Day weekend at Seattle Center on September 5,6,7. The now Saturday through Monday annual festival had some setbacks lately, and its good to see it still being able to … Read More

Bike Of The Month: Kona Unit

April 29, 2015 |

Kona Bikes have been around since the 1980’s and although they are not a huge company, Kona is not small by any means. Kona is a great company of dedicated cyclists who love to ride and most of all build … Read More