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The Drainage | March 20, 2018

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adidas employee store Portland

adidas employee store Portland
Josh Podolske

I was lucky enough to have a friend who got hired on at adidas in Portland. I waited until he had been there for 6 months or so before I hit him up with the “Hey can I get a pass” question. Adidas has an amazing employee store on campus for their employees and in order to get in you need a hook-up. I asked and he came thru with 5 passes. Sweet. With the pass you are able to receive 50% off just about everything in the employee store, except the Portland Timbers stuff, or those new college basketball jersey’s adidas did. I gave everyone in my party a pass, only to find out, we only needed one pass for us all. Score! Once inside its just like, if Foot Locker or Champs only sold one brand. They had everything you could think of and represented every sport that adidas supports.

These new basketball jersey’s have some pretty tech features in the fabric. I’m not into wearing basketball jerseys but these were pretty cool up close.

They had so many T-shirts to choose from, all about $25 with the discount. They had a large selection that marketed towards the skate and action sports market.

Rows and rows of new shoes. Every aisle has one or two employees looking to help you find your size, so if you find a pair that isn’t in your size, they can call and check in the back. A pair of black Samba’s cost $35 with the discount.

I had a really hard time trying to choose just ONE pair of shoes. I wasn’t looking to go hog wild, I just wanted one pair. I got enough shoes to be honest, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. At least that’s what i kept telling myself.

I picked up this pair of Red/Black AR 3.0. I dont have any shoes in this colorway. But there were still so many things to look at, so I kept looking.


The burgundy AR 3.0 also caught my eye, but I picked up a solid black pair and walked around with them mulling it over while checking out the line of skateboard shoes on the back wall.

I eventually decided or was coaxed, and I thought, I need to go wild, so I grabbed this pair instead and have been rocking them ever since. No regrets.


This pair of shoes were so light and had some many technical features. I liked the topographical lines in the word adidas.

My sister bought one of the bags and it is so soft and was a great deal at $25 with the discount.

My over all thoughts are I am definitely going to try to go again. Im stoked on shoes and I am not really a brand loyal kinda guy. I liked the selection, it was insane. They have so much stuff there, so many items, i didn’t even know adidas made.

This was a pretty cool letterman style jacket that came in other colors and was really well made and tailored.


Across the street from the campus there is a huge pair of shoes with a tribute to RunDMC Jay Master J