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The Drainage | March 20, 2018

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Josh Podolske

The next time you are out drinking think to yourself. Is this a glass I’m holding? Or is it some kind of space age co-polymer? I stumbled across a company called BarLuxe that has created a solution for all the cheap plastic and glass drinkware out in the market today. BarLuxe drinkware is made from a new product called Tritan made by Eastman Chemical. It’s a new co-polymer that is ultra-dishwasher durable, so unlike drinkware made from polycarbonate or acrylic, they won’t crack or craze even after hundreds of dishwashing cycles. They have a hefty weight to them that makes them feel like glass. Why would you need these? You wouldn’t. But I could imagine if you were a bar owner these would outlast any glass product on the market for sure.


I like The Pint. A decent looking 16 ounce beer glass perfect for a Pilsner or a Lager, but also ideal for a Bloody Mary. A standard cocktail shaker lid fits perfectly over the top so you can make a variety of drinks with it. At roughly $7.85 a glass it does put a dent in your wallet if you are a consumer, but the benefits would pay off it you had your own business.

I wonder if they can make iPhone screens outta Tritan? BarLuxe got its start when some friends started brainstorming about how to create unbreakable drinkware. Based on a video they have on their website where they drive a truck AND a car over it, I think they have succeeded.

Another fine looking whiskey glass is The Vero Collection. I like how the thick bottom of it looks and says it gives it weight, and you wont know you aren’t using glass. The 9.5 ounce version would be ideal for a variety of drinks and for 6 you are looking at $6.35 each. All of BarLuxe’s products are BPA free. They make a variety of glasses from champagne, to wine, they even have a caraffe, so if you run a bar or a restaurant, they have you covered.

From a branding standpoint, I really like the name. When you hear it, you can instantly have a general idea of what they do.


  • Luposian

    I’m looking for plastic glassware that will resist cracking/crazing for years of washing in the dishwasher. Case in point… we have Burger King “Lion King” glass, which was released when the movie came out (or it was released on video). It has not cracked nor crazed in ALL the years we’ve had it/washed it in the dish washer. It’s not clear anymore (severe clouding), but the worn printing on the outside disguises most of it. But the glass is still going strong. Other glasses we’ve bought have crazed and cracked, to the point they fail and leak, so half of our 8-glass set is gone. Won’t be long before the other four fail and the Lion King glass is all we have in the cupboard! Seriously!