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The Drainage | March 22, 2018

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Life is Beautiful 2014 : Priory

Life is Beautiful 2014 : Priory
Josh Podolske

Portland’s Priory brought their unique sound to the Western Stage early in the afternoon. One thing that I love about a band when I see them live, is that they sound amazing live. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing a band live and they sound nothing like what you know and love. Priory sounded fucking amazing. They were the first band for me on Friday and it was seriously a great performance. Lead singer Brandon Rush, nursing a broken rib from a previous stage dive took the leap of faith on the Life Is Beautiful crowd and jumped in and the crowd responded by hoisting him around and displaying him like a trophy, he escaped unharmed, nothing more broken than before. Bringing out hints of vintage Taking Back Sunday, hints of new wave guitar synth pop, Priory should be YOUR new favorite band. I fucking mean it. Of all the stories I have written for Life Is Beautiful I am not embedding any Spotify or Bandcamp player except for this piece because you seriously need to listen to this album. It’s that fucking good. On a totally different tangent, as a former musician, Priory has the most beautiful guitars and amplifiers I have ever seen. Just fucking gorgeous. Thank you Priory for making me a fan. Priory plays November 10th in Seattle at Barboza.