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The Drainage | March 20, 2018

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New Music: Virginia Wang – Forward Constant Motion

New Music: Virginia Wang – Forward Constant Motion
Emory Michael

“We’ll make it out someday” — Anonymous

“But we won’t” — Travi$ Scott Friend

This Album Deserves: 8/10

I could say I know


About this album

Or spew some bullshit about how Virginia Wing is going to be the next breakout group

Or talk about how the modulation of this project is light years ahead of the fragile sonic landscape that bedroom pop currently inhabits.

Or just anything pretentious, really.  THAT’S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT

But I won’t  .

Instead I’m here to tell you about my experience with this album:

(authenticity rises, shrieks heard around the room)

Day 1:

(listens through album for first time)

Me: …

(listens through album second time)

Me: still not sure, cool tracks here and there

Day 2:

(listens through album third time)

Me: okay damn this is pretty nice I like her voice I like the electronics I like the sounds there’s some real strange melodies going on here.  what’s with these ambient interludes on a dream pop album really throwin’ me off

Day 2 again:

(talking to Travi$ Scott Friend)

Me: Hey man you should check out this new album I’ve been digging called Forward Constant Motion by Virginia Wing.  It’s real cool, real trendy, I think you’ll like it

Travi$ Scott Friend: Hey thanks man, I’ve been looking for new music lately!

Me: Course you have

(scurries away)

Day 2 once more:

(falls asleep listening to ‘Permaboss’ on loop)

Obligatory picture of the album cover ^^

Day 3:

(listens through album a fourth time)

Me: ya okay why is this not more hyped. Some absolutely INCREDIBLE tracks: ‘Lily of Youth’ (get jiggy with it), ‘Grapefruit’ (again, get jiggy with it), ‘Sonia & Claudette’ (absolutely stunning ballad dealing in relationship issues, possibly abuse?, beautiful regardless, heart-wrenching), ‘Baton’ (a schizophrenic’s nightmare, wtf electronics)

Me again: What a fantastic album, I should check out their back-catalog

(goes back and listens to Measures of Joy)

Me: Mmm wow they clearly have a knack for writing eerie psychedelic tunes.  So good. Maybe better than Forward Constant Motion??

  • I mean both albums are great but I can be a sucker for clear melody and Measures of Joy has more of that.

(listens through album a fifth time)

Me: Nevermind, there’s too many risks taken on Forward Constant Motion that just go over with flying colors.  Plus the added electronics?  They are writing their typical alternative tunes with an experimental electronic edge.  More intimate, personal. Love the interludes.  I feel like I’m getting to really know the band.  Their lyrics are off in some far away land, so are the sonics, so is my mind when I listen.  

Day 3 again:

(Me leaving my house)

(I look through the window to see Travi$ Scott Friend flipping me off through the window)


(Blast ‘Lily of Youth’ in my car and dance a little too hard)

(Realize I’m having an overly weird time with this album)

Today (Day 4?)(Who cares?):

(listens through album a sixth time)

Me: Yo I have to tell people about this album that aren’t Travi$ Scott drones.  Can’t stop listening to this album, so much to like. Vocalist has incredible control over her tone: love it on ambient tracks, love it on dance tracks.  Production is varied and usually on point. Where’s my platform?  How do I tell people? God dammit I live with Republicans no one is going to understand why this album is so good.

Other Me: you write for The Drainage

Me: Yes perfect my extensive fanbase will understand!

(After a trip to grab some chick ‘n’ noodles)

Me: Honestly I can’t even say I understand this album fully.  It’s probably going to take me a few more listens but I need to tell people what I think.  I enjoy the sound of the album and her voice and the lyrics that I can make out. Oh, and the dynamism. It’s clear there was a substantial amount of work put into this album.  Maybe they haven’t completely found their sound yet, though? There’s, of course, a ton of interesting aspects to this album but sometimes it feels like they are less confident than they should be.  Next release should be quite substantial.

^^(Clever way to work in actual thoughts to a stream of consciousness)

How do I translate this into pretentious bullshit no one understands and only two people will read?

Other Me: You can always just write about your experience with the album.

Me: …

(revisit top of page)