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The Drainage | March 21, 2018

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The Local 907

The Local 907

Located off Main Street right near GHY bike sits this little gem of a bar that has a great kitchen that produces quality food. Located at 907 Main Street, hence the name, it is a great place to catch any live sporting event. During the playoff’s last year I met up with some friends here for a 10am football game where the Seahawks lost to the Falcons. It was jam packed, and kinda weird drinking beer so early in the morning. We all ordered breakfast and it was really surprising how well the food was. It’s just sometimes a small bar isn’t know for high quality food, but that isn’t the case here at the Local 907.


Erica and I also had dinner here one night, and again, we were both pleasantly surprised. What will throw you off is that the menu and what is on it, seems like typical greasy spoon bar food. You know,  a BLT, chicken fingers, quesadilla, that kinda stuff. But you will be pleasantly surprised but it is excellent. Check out the Local 907 if you happen to walk by in downtown Renton, you won’t regret it. The downtown area is being revitalized by small businesses like this and The Berliner.

I’d like to plan on watching ALL early morning playoff games here because it was such a good time. Lets hope that either the Eagles or Seahawks are playing in those games.